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Each year Chris Guerriero works with a select group of companies and focuses on their growth and the growth of their team. He’s keenly aware to judiciously allocate his time for the highest return and he does his best work in long-term partnerships. See what his clients have to say about Chris’ business expertise and guidance.


"I get concrete, repeatable, scalable systems that help us grow each time I talk with Chris!"

Jonathan Bailor
Founder: Sane Solutions


“5x growth in less than one year!”

Dan Faggella 
Artificial Intelligence


“Chris is an absolute business genius. We do exactly what he tells us, because he gives us million dollar ideas at every meeting.”

Bob Proctor
“The Secret” & chairmen of the Life Success


"Triple growth in less than a year"

— Mikhal Abdulla


“Chris is the master millionaire-maker! He knows stuff that nobody else knows. Best of all, he knows how to automate business systems! I recommend him without equivocation."

— Mark Victor Hanson 
Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series


“Too many people tell you how to do things they haven’t done themselves. Chris Guerriero has done it, repeatedly, which is why I recommend him. Chris’ proven path to success will provide you a shortcut to yours.”

— Darren Hardy
Publisher Success Magazine and New York Times bestselling author of the Compound Effect


“When you see how methodical Chris’ approach is, you understand instantly how he can assure dramatic business growth. Chris is a very brilliant man in his discipline. He’s a very strategic-minded person, but his even stronger suit is figuring out the systems, the process, and the procedures that drive, sustain, maintain and replicate a system so a company can grow and become great. That is what is missing in most entrepreneurial companies.”

— Alex Goen
Founder and CEO of Trimspa



"Chris helped us double our company in this last 12 months. I don’t make recommendations lightly, but if you’re lucky enough to have a chance to work with him – do it!”

— Barry Kloogh
Breathe Financial


"Thanks to Chris my company is exploding and we had our first million dollar net income year in a down economy…"

— Jeff Anderson


"Chris is brilliant. I highly recommend him if you're ready to grow your company"

— Joe Sugarman
Chairman: Blue Blocker sunglasses

"I can't recommend Chris highly enough!"

— Joel Comm
Bestselling author

“Every aspect of Hollywood is a business, where marketing films, ideas, or services is paramount to our success. At the top of my list of true geniuses at this is Chris Guerriero. I consider him required counsel for anyone wanting practical insight into how Hollywood can lead millions to theaters overnight; how political candidates can motivate the masses to take action; and how businesses, both large and small are using the same skill sets to create dramatic new growth in any economy.”

— Barnet Bain
Hollywood producer

"He gave us tools that saved us 100's of man hours!"

— Tom Patania
Select A Ticket


"We are so thrilled with the results, there is no one else we will ever go to but Chris..."

— Scott Forman
FI companies

“Literally 1 week after implementing an idea he gave me, I had a $60,000 contract signed and paid for! Within another few weeks I closed another $100,000 in consulting contracts. I have gone from ‘how am I going to pay all my bills’ to exceeding my wildest dreams.  Finally I am able to do what I love and get paid a top dollar for my time. Thanks to Chris!!!”

— David Sierdeski


"Chris exposes solutions to your business problems that might have taken you years to figure out and fix without his help!"

— Tom Grimshaw


"Our first 6 figure day! Thank you for all your help."

— Marie O’Riordan


“Chris offers the success formula for the one percent who dare to live their dream.”

— Tricia Quan


"I’m so glad I took a leap of faith!"

— Ray Wood
Real estate broker


"$71,000 in the first 2 weeks, and $356,000 in the first 4 months of working with Chris”

— Nikhil Parekh


Chris has the ability to focus you on what really matters in growing a business of any size: growing your numbers using key strategies that have measurable results. What he shows you will keep your company growing and moving in the right direction.

— Lewis Schiff
Author: The Influence of Affluence


It has been truly incredible. I would never have dreamed I could leverage my time this way! (Using just one tactic you shared) I’ve written over 57 million in face value insurance for just one client.

— Anthony Trupiano
Trupiano Associates Insurance


"I’ve transformed my business, my income, and my life!"

— Kelly Morrissey


"Chris' advice on our last coaching call resulted in over $500,000 in increased revenue..."

— Matt G.


"Working with Chris has made a 7-figure difference in our bottom line!"

— Bill McIntosh


“His guidance has made a big difference!”

— Eric Louviere


"Chris has a winning track record of growing his own businesses and those he advises!"

— Stephen P.


"$1.5 million dollar deal - thanks for getting me to take action..."

— Sandy Gallagher
CEO and co-founder at Proctor Gallagher Institute


“Chris has had a profound impact on our business and my life. We went from only 2k monthly net revenue to 12k a month in net revenue!

Sal Vannutini


“Starting a business was easy. It's taking things 'to the next level' that is the challenge. Now I know exactly what my next 3 moves will be.

— Joe Atlas


“We have gotten more results in the past 2 months than we have in the past 2 years thanks to Chris”

— Michelle Smith

“Our sales have more than doubled in the past 3 months. We owe it all to the work we're doing with Chris Guerriero!”

— Chris Vaughn

“I searched for over a year to find someone to mentor me and my team through building our company, never expecting that I would find someone as willing to give as much as Christopher did. I still cannot believe that he handed us his personal contacts – I got access to people that I never could have met! We made more money in the last 67 days, then we made all year…"

 — Andrew Chu